Patron Saints for Jennifer

Patron Saints for Jennifer

Years ago, long before my dad was ordained, my mom and I asked our parish priest who I should pick as my patron saint.  He told us I should choose Saint Zenobia.  Roughly translated, her name is Jane in English.  He told us this was the closest saint he could think of to Jennifer.  I happily chose Saint Zenobia as my patron saint and have celebrated my Name Day on October 30th ever since.  Saints Zenobia and Zenobius lived in the third century .  Zenobius was a physician and Zenobia helped him care for people.  They were tortured and beheaded around 290 A.D.

Over the years, I’ve discovered two other saints who would translate into Jenny or Jennifer in English.  Saint Zenobia has been my patron saint for almost a lifetime now so I’ve kinda grown attached to her.  But…if I had the opportunity to choose again knowing what I know now I might have choosen either Saint Eugenia or Saint Guinevere.

Saint Eugenia is commemorated on December 24th.  Nicknames for Eugenia are Gina and Jenny.

Saint Guinevere is commemorated on November 3rd.  (She is also known as Saint Winifred.)  Guinevere translates to Jennifer in English.

May God grant many blessed years to all the Jennifers!

One of my brothers had this icon of Saint Zenobia commissioned for me in Greece as a Name Day gift several years ago.


  1. St Genevieve of Paris is also a patron for Jennifer.

    • Thank you!