Come and See

Posted on Jun 17, 2014 | 1 comment

Come and See

I’m thrilled to unveil Illumination Learning’s new home!  I’ve been working on it for months now in the quiet hours of the evening after all of my children were (really) asleep.  There were times where I pulled out my books, notes, and laptop only to put them aside for another night because my baby needed mommy to soothe him as his first teeth poked through, my daughter needed a listening ear, one of my sons just needed some snuggles, or my husband wanted to spend some time with his wife after having been away on a business trip.  On those nights, I tucked everything away to work on it at a later time.  I try so very hard to balance my desire to create in this little nook of the Internet with all that comes with being a mom and a wife.

This project – Illumination Learning – is a piece of my heart.  It has become a place where I create and reflect.  There were times where I questioned why I was attempting to write a handbook for Orthodox teachers and parents.  Who am I to do something like this?  I do not have a theological degree.  I am only a mom.  A mom who grew up in an Orthodox family and now has her own family to pass along this great love she has for God.  I prayed continuously during the website remodel.  I prayed that this work I was doing would be for the glory of God.  I prayed that He would guide me as I researched, as I reflected, and as I typed.  Please, if you find a mistake or feel something I have shared could be worded more accurately, send me an email so I can correct it.  Everything I have shared on Illumination Learning is drawn from my talks with priests, my own experiences growing up Orthodox, raising my children Orthodox, and the reading I’ve snuck in while my kids were sleeping.  I am only a mom.  A mom who stumbles.  A mom who is not perfect.  But…a mom who tries hard to live each day helping others and striving to grow ever closer to God.

It is my great hope that Illumination Learning will continue to grow and be a beneficial resource to so many. The new website is the beginning of a community of people who are coming together to brainstorm and plan ways to not only educate our children and those seeking to learn more about Orthodoxy…but also ourselves.  It is an ongoing project which will be updated and expanded on a regular basis.

I’m looking forward to all of your feedback as you browse through the site.

In Christ,


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  1. the new site is so beautiful! thank you for the hard work and blessing that this will be on many families — mine included. may god bless you and your work in the future.

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