Registration for an Individual is:

$29.99 from February 16 – February 23

$39.99 from February 24 – March 8





*Individual registration is for you and everyone living in YOUR home.


Registration for a Group is:

$200 from February 16 – February 23

$300 from February 24 – March 8






*Group registration is for you and anyone living outside of your home.  You can invite as many people as you wish to view, listen, and participate along side of you in a single location.   It is the group’s responsibility to provide a large enough screen for viewing the webinar along with the proper equipment to connect your computer to the screen.


Q:  Why are there two different prices?  Is it really so bad for me to invite a friend over to watch the webinar in my home?

A:  Ultimately, when it comes down to it, we have costs involved with holding a webinar.  There is a GREAT deal of work that goes into pulling this conference together – from Illumination Learning, OCN, and the speakers.  If you choose to invite people over to your house to view the webinar and only paid for an individual registration, it makes it difficult, if not impossible, for us to meet our costs.  If we cannot cover our costs, then these webinars will be a thing of the past.  We hope you value this opportunity and pay your fair share to keep them going.

Registration includes:

  • a unique link for you or your group to attend the online webinar
  • access to all of the presentations on March 9th
  • access to free download of all webinar presentations the week following March 9th.
  • a chance to win our give away
  • a copy of all available handouts emailed to you
  • the ability to log in and out of the presentations at your convenience  (you can listen & watch all the presentations or log in for only the ones that interest you most)
  • the ability to ask questions to the speaker via a chat box and have them reply in real time through their microphone
  • the ability to listen to all questions from attendees and their answers from the speakers

For additional questions about the webinar, please visit our FAQ page.